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Modern luxury Art Deco design has been all the rage — and the kitchen featured in this article exemplifies exactly why. Characterised by sleek geometries, straight and smooth lines, and loud colours, this design style is perfectly incorporated into this luxurious kitchen based in a home in Toronto.

The designing magic has been done by Drake + Khan, and the final product is something you’ll find yourself marvelling at for long! Let’s dive right into it.

Toronto Interior Design

The Cabinetry & Flooring

This high-end kitchen designed by Drake + Khan follows the Art Deco style by mingling together geometric shapes, such as straight lines, squares, and rounded edges. Cubism inspired original Art Deco design, so amalgamating repeating cubical patterns is one way to showcase this style in the kitchen.

The dark-wooden cabinetry features clean, sleek edges, and some cabinets have glass fronts for the ultimate luxury kitchen feeling. Additionally, the cylindrical handles for the cabinets introduce a rounded effect — another essential element of Art Deco.



Toronto Interior Design

Finally, the flooring uses a medium shade of brown for its wooden floor panels.

Bold Colours & Contrasts

Another element of Art Deco is mixing and matching different colours to create an attractive contrast. The first (and most famous) step to adding disparity in an Art Deco-inspired kitchen is by using black-and-white — just what this kitchen displays. Additionally, it adds a hint of gold to its colour palette.

A very dark shade of brown is used for the wood of the cabinets, black frames are used for the windows and door(s), and the countertops are majorly white with a minimal black print. The cabinets around the black oven are a bright white shade, creating a striking contrast.

Finally, the kitchen hood, faucet, and other hardware is shiny gold — providing the perfect blend of metallic accents with the marble finishes throughout the kitchen.


Toronto Interior Design
Toronto Luxury

Lighting Fixtures

The lighting fixtures of this luxury kitchen create a statement of their own. A sleek sputnik chandelier is hung in the centre of the space. Its skeleton is a beautiful hue of gold topped with white spherical lights. The ultimate effect of luxury is introduced through bunches of lavish gold chains hanging intermittently from the chandelier. The symmetrical shape of the chandelier is another display of the Art Deco style.

Additionally, ambient lighting can be seen in the kitchen in the form of spotlights that have been fixed into the ceiling. Task lighting is layered into the space in the form of under-cabinet lights. These illuminate the space for specific tasks done in the area. Finally, accent lighting can also be seen in this Art Deco kitchen; the overhead lights in the bar area illuminate and highlight the wine rack — our next point below.



Toronto Luxury

Wine Rack

We saved the best of this Toronto luxury kitchen for the last: a wine rack (mini bar area)! This extends the design of the kitchen and makes the space all the more luxurious. 

With a dark brown backdrop, white cabinetry, and black countertop, this area pursues the palette of bold colours and contrasts. The boiserie on the cabinet fronts implements the concept of cubism-inspired geometries, and the gold spherical wall art on either end introduces the perfect blend of rounded edges. 

Mounted into the wall are steel rods to hold and display wine bottles in the most luxurious of ways. Gorgeous mirrors have also been tossed into the design in this part of the kitchen — another ideal addition to this luxury kitchen.


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This Toronto luxury kitchen surely showcases a splurge — and is definitely worth it! However, interior designing comes in a range of budgets, and you can incorporate Art Deco design into your space on a smaller budget than this kitchen uses.

Love the look? Check out our custom design board, curated with pieces inspired by the space, below.


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