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The pandemic has changed so much of how we live. Many people have taken the time to de-clutter their lives, both mentally and materially. That also includes how people chose to design their homes.  After dealing the stresses of everyday life,  coming home to a tranquil, quiet space can not only reduce your stress levels, but help you wind down from the day. Gone are the days where design was about big shiny lights and bold colours. Which is why a minimalist design has become a very popular choice for many people in recent years.
Within this design, it is all about simplicity. With clean lines, and a monochromatic palette, there is no design element that is meant draws the eye. Just a calming, clean and warm flow throughout.
Of course there are those who do not want to go full minimal, and that is totally okay! A great in-between is the combination of gray and beige , better know to many as “greige”


“Greige” has become known throughout the design world, has become a staple in many kitchen designs. And Greige, with its popularity in kitchen and bathroom design , has the ability to work with many different design trends and styles while complementing various types of decor and design elements.
So if it’s minimalism that you are wanting, start with incorporating Greige and see what a difference it can make to your space.
Today, we are featuring two different kitchens. Both have a minimal kitchen feel. The first kitchen is a great Starter Kitchen for those who want to add minimal elements to their kitchen, but are not wanting to dive fully into it.
Our second kitchen design is a True Minimal Kitchen” . Here, we will break town our TOP 6 KEYS TO A MINIMAL KITCHEN
To top it all off, we will be showcasing our TOP 6 GREIGE KITCHEN COLOURS FOR A MINIMAL DESIGN.
Farmhouse Style


Let’s start with a minimal design with a transitional finish. This kitchen, designed by Jennaye Design balances both grey and beige, while keeping the countertop and backsplash minimal. Though not a fully minimalist design, the simplistic element keeps the space clean and light.
When  looking at minimalistic designs, it can often feel as though you have to replace every item in your kitchen with a minimal version of it. So all the patterns and colours you own have got to go. But why not just keep it minimal on the surface. Keeping the majority of your cabinets closed-concept can allow for you to store all of your kitchen items , no matter the design, away from the surface. And what you keep out can stay minimal and to design.
To ensure the minimalistic cabinet, colour and door style are key. When it comes to door style, the more bare, the more minimal. Omit any door pattern, or keep to a simplistic door style, like the shaker cabinet used above.
And when it comes to cabinet colours, Greige is our top choice. The colour scheme of minimal kitchens are clean and natural, and Greige tones exudes both of those.


Check out our list of TOP GREIGE KITCHEN CABINET COLOURS to use for a minimal kitchen design below:
Toronto Interior Designs
Toronto Interior Designs


This stunning kitchen design has taken on the minimal in all of its glory. The rules of minimal design are done to the tee here. If you want a full minimal kitchen, check out our:


  1. Bye Bye Clutter:
    For a minimal kitchen, storage solutions are key. You want to have as little displayed as possible. And the items that you do display should be as minimal as possible. Utilize your pantries and cabinetry to hide your appliances and kitchen use items.
  2. Colour Scheme: Monochromatic + Natural:
    The cabinetry, walls, floors, hardware, counters and backsplash (so basically the entire kitchen!) should follow the same colour scheme. Take a look above at our favourite Greige colours above, as this is a good starting point for a natural palette. And steer within 1-3 shades of your cabinets for all other elements of your kitchen.
  3. Rethink the Hardware:
    The knobs and handles you choose, as well as the faucets, should match as close to the cabinets as possible. Try to keep to a matte finish. Also, having knobs in lieu of handles take up less of the cabinets space, and does not draw the eye too much to the hardware.
  4. Keep Things Open:
    We know how important storage can be, but to be a true minimal kitchen, try to keep the upper cabinetry space as open as possible. Open shelving with simple kitchen items displayed is one option. Or, as in the above, keeping the upper area of the kitchen completely open (with little items displayed) can make the space feel more open and calming.
  5. Integrate Lighting + Fixtures:
    Light fixtures should blend in and not stand out. Like in the kitchen above, try to keep your sconces/pendants seamless to the rest of the kitchen. If you have pendant lighting, try to mirror the flooring used. And if you have wall sconces, try to ensure that they blend into the walls. That way the eye is not drawn to them as a focal point.
  6. Consider Panelled Appliances:
    Since most kitchen appliances are shiny stainless steel, it is almost impossible to create a true minimalistic feel. Although most brands have started to introduce design options like colour and material choices, one of the keys to a minimal kitchen is seamlessness. You do not want to know where the cabinets end and where the appliances begin.That is why using a cabinet panelling to cover your appliance doors is essential. This will make sure to match the rest of the cabinetry will create a seamless design throughout.


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