Playing around with colours and patterns in a pleasing manner can be difficult. You have to plan the design diligently, so the space is visually attractive without feeling too overwhelming. Additionally, finding individual pieces to coordinate is another challenge — and this stunning new home design has been has done just that.



Located in a Toronto suburb minutes from Downtown, this space is designed by the talented duo behind Drake + Khan. We recently featured another project of theirs. Check it out https://two7east.ca/inside-this-luxury-kitchen-designed-by-toronto-based-drake-khan/.
It not only exemplifies the latest trends in Toronto interior design, but is a great lesson in how to mix colour and pattern within your home. This will make sure your space does not feel too overdone or dramatic .



Keeping The Balance

The key to creating a fun interior while keeping balance lies at the base of a room. This includes the paint, cabinetry, flooring, and built-ins. Keeping those elements neutral both preserves the overall design of the space, making it easy to change its theme with little effort, and gives any colours and/or pattern the ability to stand out while still retaining the sophistication of the space.



Both the living room and the family room of this space are the perfect examples of all the above design theory. Both room’s walls have been painted in a crisp white, with baseboards to match and simplistic window and door paneling.
Above is the feature wall of the living room. It has identical floating desks on either side and keeps to a neutral theme with a gray-beige matte base and simple built-in fireplace. The more formal family room displays a more structured feature wall, but keeps to the simple and neutral theme of the living. Light gray hardwood flooring finishes off the base of the rooms elegantly.
With all of that simplicity comes the addition of patterns and colours (our favourite part) — let’s dive into the details!
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Complementing With Patterns And Colours

An eclectic array of artwork is the first element that Drake + Khan used in this Toronto home renovation. From the vintage car art to the contemporary lion portrait it is placed next to, they continued with a vast variety of artwork within the rest of the room .
Toronto Luxury

One of our favourites has got to be this abstract black and purple artwork. Creating a focal point on the modern console table on which it is displayed, we found a similar aesthetic from Bouclair, featured in our curated mood board below. Or check this one out, also from the current collection at Bouclair: https://www.bouclair.com/en/furniture/web-exclusives/two-door-chevron-veneer-and-metal-buffet-9400411M.html

Toronto Luxury


Pops of colour are introduced within the space in a variety of ways. From the three geometric coffee tables in the family room, to the gold plated wall displays and fun pillows in the living room. Anywhere the eye goes, there is some pop to design to focus on.
Toronto Luxury
Pillows have got to be the easiest way to introduce any colours or patterns into a space. It is virtually risk free. Plus, it is cheap and interchangeable. One of the best places to shop for seasonal or trendy pillows is Home Sense.
With new decor coming in weekly, these display of pillows is constantly changing and keeping with current trends. Look out for our favourite pieces from Home Sense, coming soon.
Below: our curated mood board, inspired by the pieces in the space.
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In the corner of the family room is a seating area. One of our favourite pieces of this entire design is this fabric and acrylic armchair. An affordable chair by Joss & Main, the Maisy Armchair,was one of the most popular chairs for a while. However, this piece has since been discontinued.
Alternately,  the Luca Armchair by R+H Modern is a favourite in modern contemporary design.
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Geometric-patterned curtains frame the oversized windows in the living, keeping to one of the design themes of this design (from the aforementioned coffee tables in the family room to the fun pillow decorating the fabric/acrylic armchair) while a linear patterned sheer curtain is featured in the family room.
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Don’t Neglect The Neglectable!

We tend to neglect bathrooms and powder rooms when it comes to decorating, but it’s important to remember that these areas make all the difference. In fact, you can get away a lot more colours and patterns compared to other high-traffic rooms in the home.
In this luxury Toronto home, the designers created a luxurious powder room with a stunning integrated veined marble sink.The stunning slab is paired with a rustic gold faucet, creating a tranquil vintage feel.
Lastly, various florals displayed throughout each room of the home not only add onto the various colour elements, but if fresh can be changed up on a regular basis.
Are you ready to play with colours and textures in your home? We definitely are — and you can surely see through  this luxury Toronto home just how much fun it can really be!
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